In 'Vanity Fair'


(Special "Double Page" lithograph: approximately 16 ¼ x 21 ¾ inches)
In Vanity Fair

(Mr. Leslie Ward, James Weatherby, Sir R. Jardine, Louis Pasteur, Lord Hartington, Major Egerton, Edmund Tattersall, Senor Sarasate, John Simms Reeves, George Grossmith, HRH The Prince George of Wales, Duke of Orleans, Henry Irving, Arthur Cecil, John Hare, Duke of Connaught, Herbert Beerbohn Tree, Dr. Tanner, T. P. O'Connor, Augustus Harris, Rt. Hon. Mr. W. H. Smith, Justice Smith)
November 29, 1890
In Vanity Fair
Biographical Text
Text included (photocopy)
Special Numbers and Double Prints
Condition notes
Very Good/Excellent: uncirculated, thus no folds that are normally associated with double page lithographs; light foxing and grubiness around extreme edges of paper (would be covered once matted/mounted and framed)
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